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It was a mixed bag this weekend. The wife and I worked hard all day Saturday. Shurgard won't get any more of my money because we sorted and cleaned out our storage unit. It was awesome weather on Saturday.

Sunday rolled around and that is our "play day" which is usually used for a Harley ride somewhere around Virginia. We decided to take the SSR and wonder around looking for antiques and a good place to take some pictures. Most of the day was overcast, but being the eternal optimist, I convinced Theresa we should go top down anyway. It was about 45-50 degrees. Good thing we took a light jacket. We started off toward Manassas for breakfast and then on toward Leesburg, VA and Point of Rocks, MD. We drove a while and ended up going back south into Virginia and found a little park (Franklin) in Loudon County, VA. We had our picnic lunch and just enjoyed the site. We took the long way home. You know, head south to go east and then find another road and follow it until you feel like turning east.

Here are some pictures.

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