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Has anyone put a set of SuperMaxx on a 05 "R"?
I have a set of there installation instructions for the 03/04.
Things look a little different on the 5.
One of the things it says to do is to remove the inner fender pannels,
I can't see where that will help because the inner steel fender is behind
it, to name a few things.
I wanted to do this myself, but I don't see how you can get the spark plugs
out of it without pulling the motor.
I use to enjoy doing things like this, but a job like this looks very hard or I
must be getting older and "lazyer" than I thought I was.
Has anybody did this themself on a 05, the 5 could be a little different than
the 4!
Or is it just me (don't answer that).

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Eddie: It's just you. :)

It looks tricky because it IS tricky, but ALL header installs are tricky. This is why I did not complain when MTI took as long as they did to do mine. They did it as well as it could be done. Modern vehicles are VERY tightly packaged.

Jim G
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