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supporting member?

1562 Views 19 Replies 11 Participants Last post by  Marc NY
Tryed to signup thur paypal. But it said make payment to corvette forum. Want to make sure if this is right before I pay my $25. : :confused

Thank You
Paul Perinati
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ChrisXXL said:
I signed up yesterday, saw that too and scratched my head then did it anyway lol
I guess it takes awhile to go through since nothing seemed to change yet

If you used paypal then there may be an issue. When I signed up through paypal by the time I finished my profile said supporting member. It happened instantly. I would drop Troy a PM and ask him what gives?

My Best,

wallygator said:
I too had paid the subscription (and well worth it!) about a week ago and I'm not sure that everything has been changed. How do we know?


Just saw the pit crew added, sorry.
Your profile now says that you are a supporting member. If you check your profile you will see the change.


Troy Roberts said:
Sorry about the problems on this. The system is supposed to be fully automated. When you make the payment to paypal that info is sent back to ssrfanatic and the software moves you into the proper usergroup.

Unfortunately I changed the email on the paypal account to an [email protected] account. The only problem is that I didn't change that in the admin panel. It still sent the money to my [email protected] paypal account. It tired to send the info back to corvetteforum instead of ssrfanatic.

I think that I have the problem fixed now.


I checked the profiles for everyone that I know signed up in the past week. Without exception they all now say supporting member. It looks like you fixed the problem.

My Best,

1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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