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T&T T-Body Spacer Installed

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Installed the throttle body spacer and I have to say it works... The on/off throttle responce is amazing. The truck is a little more fun to drive now that it has more responce...

On yea..The T&T one is only $45 shipped and looks factory. I would suggest buying the inverted torx set so the studs come out easy..I sure did enjoy have them.

Take a look at the pic below..Almost factory...


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Got it off of Ebay... Great people and very fast shipping. $49.95 with free shipping right now..I guess the price went up a tad.

T&T Spacer
I do not have a problem spinning the tires all the way through first..I have the t body spacer, Green filter and the predator...Much more fun to drive now...

I realy like the drop in and the Green Filter is fantastic... I looked at the K&N and just did not want to put that ugly box and cone filter in the front of my truck. I like the clean factory look...
Gary's 04 said:
I ordered mine at the same time as Boosted but I haven't received it. Stay Tuned!!

Go buy yourself an Inverted torx kit...It will save you allot of time and you won't have to worry with disconnecting the coolant lines to the t-body...
The throttle body studs have a torx head on them. You can use a torx socket and back them out..If not it is th eol channel lock method.

Sears has them
The only thing I can see it voiding is the o ring in the factory intake..Bit you get 2 new gakets anyway...
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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