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Re: Taillights

I have an '02 Trailblazer and have replaced the rear stop and turn signal bulbs at least twice each in about 32,000 miles and less than 2 years.

The problem as I see it is the thin wires that are on the bulb which make contact with the socket. They are not the older style 1157 bulbs that you pushed in and turned, where the round large base of the bulb was the contact.

The wires either can't handle the current or the contact is not tight enough, but you get heavy arcing on those wires which eventually acts as an insulator. The bulb is not blown, just that the contact area is bad.

I applied some dielectric grease last time I changed the bulbs and so far so good, but I don't know if that's a long term fix. Also the socket contacts are so flimsy that they won't hold any adjustment to tighten them.

I have heard rumor that GM has a technical service bulletin issued regarding this but have not seen it.

Hope this might help.

Enjoy the ride.

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