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Dan Savage, plant manager at ASC Inc.'s plant on Felton Road in Watertown Township, didn't have an easy day at work on Nov. 21, 2005.

That's the day that General Motors Corp. announced it would end production at the Lansing Craft Centre, which makes the SSR.

Savage's plant provides 42 components to the SSR and doesn't make anything else. The end of production at the Craft Centre meant the end of production at his own factory.

That morning, Savage had to tell his 180 employees that they'd be out of a job. The plant is scheduled to close later this month, a week after the Craft Centre wraps up production on or around March 17.

"I've had to make announcements like that before, but it doesn't get easier," he said. "But the people here have been amazing to work with. Even with everything going on, they're still giving it their 100 percent every day."

Five questions. Five answers.

What advice would you have for a manager who has to announce a work site closing?

You need to be open and honest and share things as they happen. I'm fortunate in that people here are very positive, upbeat people. We truly believe in what we're doing here.

How will car enthusiasts remember the Chevrolet SSR?

I think car fans in the future will look back and wish there were more of them. It's a fabulous, fun vehicle with exceptional quality. There's a market for it.

What do you personally like about the truck?

At first, it was the styling. Now, it's the power. They gave it a stronger engine in '05. I have got to drive a number of them. I loved taking it Up North. It's a cool truck.

What makes the 180 workers in your plant different?

This is by far the best team of people I've ever worked with. They bend over backwards to make this plant a success. They are absolutely enthusiastic about the product.

ASC made most of the parts on the SSR, but few car fans know much about your company. Was that frustrating?

We did our own design. We did the engineering. I really wish there had been a lot more positive press about us.

Photo Caption:

plant manager

ASC Inc.'s plant
16325 Felton Road

• Sales: $493 million in 2004, according to Crain's Detroit Business

• Employees: 180

• Produces: 42 components for the Chevrolet SSR

• Education: bachelor's in manufacturing engineering from Ferris State University

• Family: Wife, Jeneen; two sons, ages 8 and 5

• For fun: "I'm a true Michigander. I hunt, fish and golf."


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Thanks that really makes it more personal and years from now they will be showing the SSR one the Speed Channel and Discovery Channel!!! :thumbs And we will still have one! :party

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Dan: I want to personally thank you and your staff at ASC for making the most remarkable vehicle ever produced. The fit and finish is outstanding. It is a solid, majestic work of art that will remain timeless. Most of the other vehicles out there are so thin and "Tinny" in comparison to this beautiful beast.
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