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Tampa Bay SSR Owners Group (Sunshine Chapter)

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Hello, I am not certain if one exists and if so I apologize for the dumb post. I was wondering if there was any interest in and around the Tampa Bay area in starting and actively participating in an SSR Owners Group? I have had some wonderful times and met some awesome folks participating in other such groups and curious if there would be enough interest and participation to may a go of one here. Many Thanks, Rob
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Sounds fun, but we won't be able to make that one. My husband has one of those 4-days-on/4-days-off work schedules, and he is working that day. Post some pictures, and let us know about the next event! :seeya
Hi there! We'll be looking for you around Valrico... :seeya
This will be another fun time - the East Coast SSRs are a great bunch to cruise with, and I hear St. Augustine is beautiful when all decorated for Christmas... :seeya
Nose Picker said:
Any time - - Any place.

Have SSR. Will Travel
Crown N Coke said:
VetteGirl..did you modify your exhaust? I love the paint flames (vettegirl)
We had a true dual exhaust built, it was surprisingly inexpensive and really woke the SSR up (plus my husband like to make noise! :lol ). Thanks about the flames - and you should see Purple Penelope's gold leaf striping in person, it is absolutely beautiful!

Now that you know what we look like, wave when you pass us. We're in the Mulrennan/Lumsden area of Valrico. :seeya
1 - 7 of 31 Posts
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