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Had one of those spontaneous Hands on Tech Day at my house last week.

Only 9 SSR Fanatics came by, one Newbie from Sarasota.

Did roof cover adjustment, Door Handle Repair to two SSR, Tech 2 on Jim's R, fixing tomorrow.


1. Starting to arrive.
2. Dan and Alex taking a break.
3. Conference on new Roof Pump Reservoir, which we installed on Dan's SSR Roof.
4. Jim Greeley, Canada and Alex repairing Hood Emblem on Newbie.
5. Alex/Dicktator installing spring on Door Handle Repair.


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The "Neubie" confession: I bought my 04 R about 6 wks. ago without any SSR knowledge. After the fact, a bad idea.
I soon discovered the SSR has more than a few common issues that most mechanics don't relate to, tied in with sub par parts availability. GOOD NEWS! In my search for information, I stumbled into the SSR Fanatic Forum where I began to take advantage of the vast amount of members knowledge plus Dicktator's many ingenious fixes. My priority issue was a broken pass. inside door handle of which I learned Dictator had engineered a fix. When I contacted him, he invited me to a Tech Day where I was warmly welcomed by 8 other Fanatics & his lovely wife Kathy. In a few hours, my new friends had repaired my door handle, realigned my hood emblem, realigned my toneau cover and sent me home with pages of notes on other future considerations. WOW! what a rewarding day. Problem solved, money saved, knowledge gained and new friendships established. Needless to say, I can't wait for the next Tech Day. I am now converting to be a Supporting Member. Please, anybody reading this; you are only depriving yourself of a much greater joy of R ownership if you don't take advantage of the benefits of becoming a more active Supporting Member. Take it from an experienced "Neubie" : It's a No Brainer

SJA Steve
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