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Dicktator will be in San Jose, California Aug 22nd, leaving on Sept 5th.

IF you would like a TECH SEMINAR and HANDS ON TECH DAY, I will be available.

Weekend of AUG 24-25-26 OR AUG.31/SEPT1-2.

OR anytime in between.

Pick place reasonable distance from San Jose, I will drive.

Need projector/laptop/conference room and place to do HANDS ON the next day. Hotel parking lot is good.

Usually 3/4 hours conference room. We can spend all day on HANDS ON.

California can POST or I will if you like.

Dwight aka BlueStreak has attended and helped on several Rallies. Good guy to ask for direction.

Some Cailf. Fanatic needs to coordinate like shiftz33, SSR Trouble, Shakatak


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Sorry can't make it up there. Was able to make a call to maybe help get this out and get the ball rolling. Hope the Gang up there can break away to gather a crowd together. Always a good thing to learn more about how to keep on Cruise'n .... Thanks, Dicktator !
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