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The 2018 Southeast SSR Rally
Middle Georgia is Honored to Announce:
A Technical Seminar, Featuring:

-Legendary Guest Speaker-
-The One and Only-


When it comes to hands on experience and in-depth knowledge of SSR repairs; @Dicktator is one of THE BEST!! He has "Been There!!" and "Done That!!"

All along the way he has (with the help of other top experts) documented & created a "How To Library" of presentations which provide detailed instructions on; Repairs, Maintenance, and Quick Fixes. These presentations are designed to help educate owners (and vehicle technicians around the world) with the knowledge needed to confidently work on the problem prone parts/areas of the SSR.

The Southeast Rally Tech Seminar is your chance to meet Dicktator and listen, as he shares 14+ years of knowledge and experience with regards to this amazing vehicle. Slides from the "How To Library" will be presented in this seminar along with a chance to "Ask The Expert" about other concerns or questions you may have.​

Location & Timing for the Tech Seminar:
5 October 2018 (Friday) - 5PM - 8 PM
--Please eat prior to coming to this event.
--This seminar does not conflict with any other event.
--You are welcome to come late (if you need to)
--And you are NOT required to stay for all three hours.

Warner Robins Conference Center
Courtyard by Marriott
589 Carl Vinson Pkwy
Warner Robins, GA 31088

Seating is limited!!
A head count is necessary for this event.
Food is not allowed in the Seminar before you arrive.
But it is OK to bring in drinks

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Head Count:

01. Dicktator - Guest Speaker
02. Largossr05 - Guest Speaker Assistant
03. CruDawg
04. Light Show
05. Dr Who
06. SSReplay
07. BlueStreak
08. reggiessrbcool
09. Stiles Sport Roadster
11. mtr317
12. cj071170
13. jackatg450
14. oldfred
15. TrikeRider
16. Albert Flasher
17. Boyd
18. Blackwidow
19. ZoomAddict
21. Chucky
22. zoro1947
23. teamsmith
24. TruckingeeSSR
25. JohnPierce
26. yellowbaby
27. Doublevision
28. wolfpacker
29. soren703
30. GUNNY8305
31. rockytop

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Never turn down a chance to learn more, or help in the teaching process. Count me in!

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I will attend if I can make it...

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He was up with me on the phone late one night helping me do the repair on my fuse box. I had not attended the tech seminar prior to that because I thought I knew it all. Daddy Dicktator was awsome! I am so grateful!

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WOW! Getting good attendance numbers!

I will share what little I know about the SSR.

I learned from some of the Best, plus my SSR is held together with Velcro and Duc Tape.

There is so many SSR Fanatics that contributed to "How to Library" that I can't list them all.

Still learning.

See you in Oct.

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