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and a good time was had by all.
Thanks to OLD BOBBER (10 A C cozydog) for setting this up.
Went to Jack Daniels Brewery, I didn't tour but interesting anyway.

Had a GREAT dinner in BELL BUCKLE TN.

Meal Event Lunch Brunch Dinner
. Event Community Meal Lunch Party

We tried to get in front of the old gas station, WAY too small, AND WOW ! was IT HOT
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Chevrolet ssr
. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Chevrolet ssr

And ELVIS showed up !

Floor Flooring Room Interior design Hardwood

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I just want to thank T-dog, SWT RYD, and go daddy for putting this meet together. And thanks to everyone else for letting us hang out with you all for a couple of days. This was our first SSR event and we had a great time. Hated that we had to leave early but the wife still works. We enjoyed meeting all of you and hope to see you again.

Thanks again
Wayne and Rosa
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