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test drive on speed channel

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did anyone see this show? i loved the part at willows springs! i loved that they were able to hit 104 mph thru turn 9. did anyone record it?
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Yes, I saw the show too. Very cool. I had met Johnny O'Connell (driver of the yellow SSR at the track) at a Corvette event before. I like his driving style.:)
I have it on tape

If you send me your address i will make a copy for you and send it to you. I thought it was great. I really loved they way they had the red one side ways throught the turns and it responded back with out fish tailing.
History Channel SSR coverage

I did not see it myself but two people I work with told me that the Histroy Channel show Modern Marvels was about pickup trucks (Weds 3/10) and the last several minutes covered the SSR. Anyone see this?
Saw it. It must have been made before the SSR's release. The coverage just showed the SSR prototype clay model and a brief shot of the proto. Good show anyway. Lots of history of the pickup.
I posted this once before, but here it is again.

Here is a link to the speed channel search page. Just type in SSR in the search box and you will see when it is showing.

Right now, there are 3 more showings. It showed the original air date was about two years ago, if I remember right.

Enjoy the show.

This thread is 5 years old! However, you can still view the program (and many other SSR video clips from my server at:

SSR Commercials

The Test Drive video will require Real Video player to watch though - sorry, it's what I had available.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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