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Well, the herd is all ready to hit the I-10 trail. This is how it is.. maybe you can join us along the way.

Leaving Texas April 7th and staying at Home2Suites Pensacola. 700 fun filled miles for the Austin area R's

True Blue
Bob Reeves

Traveling on their own:

Little Wing
Yellowtoy (will meet us in Pensacola)

Travel Plans:

Hill country group leave 5:30 am ... will meet Winnie group at 10:00 - Lester's House (pit stop).. on the road by 10:30

Head for Lafayette - Chick-fil-a lunch --- pick-up Zainossr - 12:30 pm (looks like he need to leave by 7:30 am)

There we will break up in to three groups and head for Pensacola. It will be easier and quicker for the pit stops of 6 people, than 18.

Meet a hotel asap.

Dinner at O'Charley's - just down from the hotel... only place for 20 people in the area... we have a banquet room. 7:30 pm

We'll leave April 8th at 8:00 am and head for Daytona. 7 hour drive with a quick lunch. in by 3:00 pm

Coming Home--- Wednesday --- Zainossr and Yellowtoy.

Speedoo - staying a few day in Florida

RedlineRyder - B-Fast - True Blue - heading for the KEYS

Thursday morning group: Leave Daytona 8:00 am - -- 8 hours to Biloxi - Hard Rock Hotel... should be there about 4 pm.

Bob Reeves

Now that's a trail drive... head'em up ... move'em out.
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