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The clock is ticking, folks. If you haven't decided whether you want to go on this run or not then now is the time to get on the list and please be a part of one of the most unique experinces ever. Entertainment and great food. I know first hand about the H&H Restaurant. MaMa Louise took good care of me, too!

In preparation for this event during the Middle Ga. SE Rally, I will be adding important information to facillitate a smooth and enjoyable time. i My first request is to make sure we get a good head count. Please use the sign-up roster if you plan on going and indicate yourself and one other.
Please use this thread for this event to sign-up.

Update on the Big House visit Oct 4th - The itenerary for the Ride is completed with a stop at the gravesites of Greg Allman, Duane Allman and Berry Oakley. From there we will leave together arriving approximately 11:00 am. Gates open at 11:00 As soon as we get in and sit down to relax in your bag chairs, we will listen to the Music of B. Keith Williams, a local recording artist and a friend who I have known since my days in the Navy. He'll be playing Allman tunes and some of his own. At 12:00 pm we will be served a wonderful soul food buffet from the world famous H&H Restaurant, Macon, Ga. This is the restaurant the Allman Brothers dined at during the lean days and were taken care of by Mama Louise, owner at the restaurant. I met her the one time I ate there 2 years ago.

The charge is 15.00 per person. Each paid person will receive a meal ticket and you must present the ticket before you can eat. This is due to the Big House Museum being open to the public during this time. As soon as possible, Please mail Mike payment to:

Mike Garner
105 Dynasty Terrace
Warner Robins, Ga. 31088 or

Phone 478-319-3339 Link to Keith's website:

Menu is: Fried Chicken, meat loaf (includes both meats), mac n cheese, green beens, corn bread sweet and unsweet tea. water, soft drinks.
Please pay by Sept. 26th. I arranged to move the date with H&H.
I have to get the number of people in and pay for the meal. Thank you so much!

The Count is now closed. Thanks to all!

1. CruDawg+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
2. Dr. Who Paid 15.00 Thanks
3. Light Show+1 Paid 30.00
4. SWT RYD+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
5. BlueStreak Paid 15.00 Thanks
6. run faster+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
7. TrikeRider+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
8. PokerGuy+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks!
9. Caz ssr+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
10. Soren703+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
11. TruckingeeSSR+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
12. Mr. Bill Paid 15.00 Thanks
13. BSTPAPA+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
14. GGJOSSR+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
15. 06 Blue SSR Paid 15.00. Thanks
16. My05SSSR Paid 30.00 Thanks
17. oldxr+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
18. Wk Trk+1 Paid 15.00 Thanks
19. wolfpacker+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
20. Stiles Sport Roadster+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
21. oldfred Paid 15.00 Thanks
22. MicDonna+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
23. DoubleVision+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
24. zoro1947+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
25. rosebud Paid 30.00 Thanks
26. trudat1+4 Paid 60.00 Thanks
27. jaimeymoe+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
28. reggiessrbcool+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
29. Meg in Carolina Paid 15.00 Thanks
30. SSRFATHER+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
31. SSR Book+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
32. SSRHEARTBEAT+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
33. grandma+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
34. JetGG04SSR +1Paid 30.00 Thanks
35. Team Smith +1Paid 30.00 Thanks
36. Firetruck +1Paid 30.00 Thanks
37. Topjimmy +1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
38. 6.0ToGo+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
39. Moosman+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
40. CrocksSSR+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
41. ZoomAddict Paid 15.00 Thanks
42. MACE+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks
43. Rockd41+1 Paid 30.00 Thanks

Please PM me if you see a discrepency.....!


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