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The First SSR in Paris....

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Hey Guys !!!

Finally after 3 months of long searchs , i got my 04' Grey SSR....

IN PARIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since this week end ...

If you'd see people when i'm drivin' my car... It's like they see a UFO...


I never saw it for real , just in photos , i was so chocked ... i'm in love...

who's goin to compete for the July's photo challenge !!
AN ssr with the Eiffel Tower behind , who can make better ???

best car in the world...

C ya :seeya
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Paris SSR

Several years ago "Before I became an SSR owner" There was an article in a Hot Rod mag. featuring a Silver Supercharged SSR in France. This was one tire smoking beast. The photos included shots of the R in many iconic location in Paris. Could this be the same R that was featured??? If it is let us know.

Congratulations and welcome to the club. Don't forget to assure that all the recommended upgrades to the shift cable, starter switch, frame, etc. have been made.

Viva La France mono-me
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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