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My thoughts on your list:

1. Sounds Wonderful (exhaust and audio system)
Agree, they got this right!

2. Looks/paint excellent!

3. Performs like a GM V-8 Sports car(?) should.
Agree. Very smooth powertrain.

4. Beautiful Bed Treatment Option($895.) even though its not real wood.
It is nice but way over priced. Do like the fact you can remove the "wood" so as not to damage it if you ever actually haul anything back there.:D

5.Nice Solid feel. Doesn't feel like a truck.

My number 6. Easy to get in and out of! My mother (age 74) can not get into the Prolwer for example, but had no problem with the SSR.

Needs Imrovement-
1. Hard to reach seat controls-move to console
They are a little hard to reach but the placement of them (along with the memory and seat heat controls) keeps the door panels and console area looking cleaner.

2. Change angle of Speedo- Hard to view odometer/computer "DIC" readout due to angle of bottom of speedo.

3. No fuel filler arrow-(All Cars Need This stenciled near fuel gauge)
No big deal but would be handy.

4.Needs factory XM and Navigation like Escalade has.
Not really something I would want but I do love the tech toys.

5.Forget the running boards, they get in the way when entering and exiting truck- removing mine today.
I am very pleased with the look of the running boards and did not find then to be in the way at all. Also like the extra protection they provide for the front of the rear fenders.

6. Needs interior footwell lighting.
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