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Welcome to The Heritage Center

Background and Purpose

Since the earliest days of members have posted comments about the need to document the history of SSR. From its inception as a concept exercise done by GM Design Staff to the last day of production, SSR has a great story behind it. Gary Witzenberg’s book,SSR an American Original, published in 2003 by Automobile Quarterly does a nice job of documenting the early development of SSR (1999-2003), however a historical record of these trucks ends there—in print form that is.

Recognizing that the myriad threads found on this site serve to pick up where Witzenberg’s book leaves off, The Heritage Center is dedicated to documenting the on-going history of SSR and expanding upon previously detailed events for which new information has been found. Mining the threads and posts that already exist on the this site, combined with a concerted, organized and dedicated effort to gather more information from various sources (including members of the Fanatic family) will continue to make THE go-to site for authoritative information on SSR.


The Heritage Center has three primary goals
  1. To serve as a reference area where historic information on SSR can quickly be found by any member or guest who visits the site.
  2. To assemble historic information currently found in disparate threads within the site into one area, organized in a simple, easy to understand series of Forums.
  3. To document the history of SSR in an objective, factual fashion without opinion, folklore, innuendo, or mere deductive reasoning.
  4. Preserve history and related detail on SSR that might otherwise be overlooked, forgotten or go undocumented such that future Fanatics and any other visitors to this site have a readily available reference for credible, documented facts.
Complimentary to The Library

The Heritage Center does not house reference material related to operational, technical or specifications related information. The content found here is complimentary to The Library (another great area found within this web site). The Library is the place to go for Articles, How-To's, DIY Guides, and other operational, technical and customizing information on SSR. It houses information on topics including wheels; tires; engine, exhaust and transmission modifications and upgrades; manuals and service bulletins; VIN decoding; and technical specifications.

Process to Add Content

The Heritage Center uses the same process for submissions that began with The Library. One of The Heritage Center's forums is Heritage Items in Review. A member who wants to research or publish a Heritage Center topic will obtain permission from the Moderators to start an item in Heritage Items in Review. There they will post the item that they have compiled, researched, documented, etc. and then request others to review it. Any member can review the threads in Heritage Items in Review and post comments like any other thread on the site, however comments must be considerate and constructive.

Once an item has been sufficiently reviewed and the Author and Moderators feel that it is ready to be moved, it will be placed in The Heritage Center as a new forum, or new Sticky/Thread in an existing forum, the item will be locked and all comments posted related to it will be deleted from the Items in Review forum. If a Heritage topic is later found to have errors, or additions need to be made, a Moderator can be notified and corrective action can be taken.

Future Forums Planned

In addition to the foundational forums found in The Heritage Center today, new forums are planned. Additional forums currently under development include:
  • The People of Team SSR
  • The Lansing Craft Centre
  • ASC, Incorporated
  • The Pace Trucks
  • The Factory Sponsored Customs

How to Get Involved

All members of are encouraged to actively participate in the growth of this area. The foundational forums were set up based on what the founding members of The Heritage Center believed were logical topics from which to build. If you would like to contribute an item to this area just follow the "Process to Add Content" section above and get involved.

Feedback and Suggestions

Feedback is always welcome. Click here to sound off.​

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