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I'm giving this one its own thread just in case it was missed in the Irwindale thread.

We have two fanatics meeting in Seal Beach to cruise up the 605 to the Chevy dealer in Monrovia. If there are any other fanatics in the area that would like to join us, let me know via PM or reply to this post.
Details are: meeting in the parking lot of Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, 3001 Old Ranch Parkway in Seal Beach. It is just north of the 405 on the west side of the street, directly opposite the onramp for the northbound 405.
Meet there at ~10:00 am and leave by 10:15 AM. I do need to take a slight detour on the way about 3 miles on Imperial Highway but we can catch the 5 back to the 605 from there (Stitch gets to visit my sis-in-law..).

Also, any interest in starting the day with the donut derelicts in Huntington Beach??

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Doughnut Derelicks early Saturday morning


Lynn & I plan on running over to the Doughnut stand to start the day off right

We should be there by 6:30 at the absolute latest, stay until 8:30 and head off to Villa Park to meet up with Ken Thurms wife for the cruise up to the Chevy meet

I am bringing the Callaway Corvette, Lynn is bringing her UV SSR

Hope to see you there

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