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The dealer called me Friday and told me to come and take delivery of the SS/R as soon as posible. He said it just arrived and the entire dealership stopped working to observe the new truck. He said the customers in service were complaining that no work was being accomplished because all the mechanics deserted the service department to view the SS/R. I picked it up two hours later in Carlsbad.

Man....... What an attraction! I drove 60 MPH down the I-5 towards Anaheim when most other drivers are traveling at 65 to 85MPH. At least half the people either gave thumbs up, waved or honked. One guy even took a picture while he was driving.

You have to watch other drivers because they drift into your lane when they are gwak at the truck.

The ride is much better than I expected.
The truck is assembled very well with exceptional fit and finish approaching the quality of the Corvette.
The paint is perfect.
The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of headroom.(I'm 6'4")
The heated seats are great. The tempature here in San Clemente has been in the seventies daytime and sixties at night. With the top down and the heated seats on, it is very comfortable.
Wind buffeting is minimal, much less than the Corvette convertible.
Yes.... the seat controls are hard to minipulate when the door is closed. You cannot slide your hand down between the seat and the door.
It would be nice to have an exterior tempature guage and a compass.
Yes the computer can display in other languages.
Yes the computer can display in the metric system.

For those of you who do not have theirs are going to be overwhelmed when you do!

This truck is great.
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