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I've had a number of requests by Fanatics who would like to have their handle attached to my SSRs Rule signature. The latest was from Scheide. I thought I'd post my reply in the general forum as info for all. Scheide seems to have had a different idea.

Scheide said:
Beer100: How do I qualify to get "Go Blue" put under the dark blue SSR on your page? Scheide :confused
I'm assuming he means on my web page and not in my post signature.

Interesting. I hadn't considered putting names on my SSRs Rule home page before.

There have been a number of people who wanted to claim a spot in my signature. I can't accommodate everyone there. But on the home page that could work.

As to how people get onto the signature. Pretty much it's in honor of special paint jobs, (strictly by my choice), the remainder are frequent posters, or have been derived from some of the ribbing that goes on. Elephants and such.

What it boils down to is, it's MY signature, whatever strikes my fancy is what will appear. Subtle bribes may work! As a matter of fact Duke(drtrcer) qualifies on that count. Especially since he didn't ask for the honor.

Lastly before I will even begin adding fanatics to this page. I’ll need to figure out how to automate adding names. (FYI: it likely won’t be soon)

I truly encourage all Fanatics to setup their own signatures. Except for the animations, you only need the paint program found on all windows pc's. A lot of desire and time.

If you need help, post a question. I, and I'm sure many others, will jump in with aid.
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