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The SSR Song

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Hey Everyone,
I was wondering what peoples opinions for music are when they are cruising in their SSR. I think it makes a big impression on people when you pull up next to them. I personally like "Hotel California" Cool :cool by the Eagles but that might be casue im in Cali myself. I wanted to put together a CD before heading down to L.A. for the Irwindale Gathering. SEE YA THERE Thanks,,
Jordan :flag :flag
Party :partyParty :partyParty :party
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BOSTON-It's been such a long time
VAN HALEN-Dancing in the streets, Hot for teacher, Panama and anything off of OU812
HAGAR-I can't drive 55, Mas Tequila
STAY CATS-The strut
SANTANA-Oye como va
STEVIE RAY-Texas Flood..the whole album
JOE SATRIANI-Anything off of Surfing With An Alien
BEASTIE BOYS!!! You name it.
GORGE P FUNK-Dog catcha, We got the FUNK
DIGITAL UNDERGROUND-We put the 'P' in Pimpin
1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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