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The Wave

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To All SSR Owners,

We all have either owned a Corvette, wanted to own a Corvette, or know someone who owns a Corvette. The one thing that binds all 'Vette owners is "THE WAVE".

I suggest that we initiate "THE WAVE" for SSR drivers also!!!!!

It's easy, whenever you see another SSR, you start out with a slight movement of your hand above the steering wheel, and eventually end up with a real, full arm, out the window "WAVE".

If you agree with me, and will "WAVE" to all other SSR drivers (because we're just so darn happy to be driving the best wheels on the planet) please respond to this message with a simple "YES".

This may start something that will continue for years to come, and bring a smile to your face everytime you see another person that had the foresight and savy to buy an SSR.

Folks, we are a very unique group, and we should acknowledge each other every chance we get!!!!!!!!!!

Can I get a "YES" on that?


Paul :cool
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I have a Corvette and I wave, but I when I get a SSR-Lord willing, I will WAVE! :yesnod
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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