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Just wondering who Ron is ??? Sounds like it was close to being a bucket of junk when you started on it !!!
Part of Jack thread

This a beautiful truck with custom hood, fairings, custom chrome wheels and is lowered.

The truck was repainted with color change to Blue by a paint shop that had never seen an SSR before. They apparently removed every thing they could see to change the color. When I got to the Header Latch it had 2 bolts holding it in, the Header Switch was also missing bolts.
The lift cylinders were changed by guy that had never seen an SSR before. He pulled the seats, carpet on rear of cab, the console, waterfall and removed the bolts to the cylinders form the inside of the cab. He also got in the top compartment and tromped around.

If you read jackat450 post it seems some guys worked on it and did some damage while doing so - not exactly a "bucket of junk"
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