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Thoughts on a low mileage '03!!!

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Would like your opinions or advice on an very low mileage (800) miles '03.
Is this an SSR to consider because it is still brand new? It is a low production model. My concern is the problems that the 03 and 04's have, although I realize that not every 03 & 04 has a problem.
Then there is my GTO which is leased, don't want to take to much of a loss if I trade it in. Or I could wait for the 07's and take advantage of the pull ahead program, if there is a MY 07.
Always thinking about how to get into an SSR, I should have bought one back in December instead of the GTO. Don't get me wrong, the GTO is a great car, just can't get the SSR out of my head. Thanks for any comments..............Tom
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As psychoslaphead said.

I bought my '03 in Jan, it was a dealer owners demo, never titled, with very low miles. Don't count on having much warranty, as it starts with the in-service date. I bought an extended warranty with mine. It is a daily driver work truck, and has been relatively trouble free so far - roof time out (easily fixed) and a driver side door sensor replaced.

03 SSR just as good as 05 Don't let any one tell you that it is not. :flag :ssr :thumbs
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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