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Hi everyone. Longtime lurker/fan of the site. Can’t tell you how many times posts here have helped me out especially the fuse box fix. Anyway this year I have done some upgrades on my 2005 SSR and the last one has me a little stumped. I installed an ACDelco 217-1617 that I read on here as an upgrade. It is still naturally aspirated (read want to supercharge if I could find one). Anyway after installing the throttle body it seems to not want to decelerate. Idle is around 500 RPM when stopped but when I accelerate and take my foot off the pedal it feels like I have cruise control on with little to no decrease in RPM. Takes a long time to go from 1500 RPM to 1000 RPM without pushing the break. Doesn’t matter which gear it is in (automatic) seems to want to maintain speed. When in park or neutral the RPM go right back to idle. Also tried an idle relearn which didn’t seem to have an affect.

When I received the throttle body I wasn’t thrilled about the packaging. It was in an ACDelco box but there was no packaging inside the box. So during shipping the throttlebody was free to bounce all around the box. Had to wipe off cardboard dust from all the shifting.

Any recommendations or thoughts from the experts here? I was planning on getting a Dyno tune in the next month so wanted this installed for it. Was going to have the throttlebody ported and polished once I got it working as a baseline.

Other upgrades if it matters, kooks headers with high flow cats, magnaflow cat backs, MSD ignition coils, K&N air filter. Corvette shift servo sitting on the bench waiting on a nice day to install. Along with many of Mike’s fixes/suspension upgrades.

Thanks again for any help or suggestions,
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