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From all the threads I've read, the "ting" noise from changing gears comes from the drive shaft. Many have written that they've changed the drive shaft but did not improve. Most recent thread states that new improved drive shaft is available.
My question is: is this all under GM warranty or do I have to pay for it? Should I wait a little bit longer before changing my drive shaft? ( I am in my 40's :lol )
Also. what are all the known problems (so far) can as SSR owner demand or receive free inspection or service from the dealer? Are there anyone who can summarize it for us.

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The driveshaft 'tink' has been a pet peeve of mine after about 600 miles after owning my '04 SSR.It was mild at first and then an embarassing nuisance.

The dealership had it replaced with a 'new improved' driveshaft and yet after 250 miles the 'tink' had returned. I waited till the sound was loud enough to make sure no one could dispute it's origins and took it back into the dealership after several months.

After scouring the web to find any reports of driveshaft noise in other SSRs, I found this forum.

I had brought with me printouts of the driveshaft 'tink' discussions from this forum and the SSR Fanatic site address to present to the dealership.

A couple weeks later the service manager from the dealership had called and asked me to bring in my SSR to install try out a custom steel driveshaft.

I've waited to see if this new driveshaft had dispersed the 'tink' noise before reporting it on this forum.

After 500 miles of driving, it seems to be working fine.

Just wanted to pass this info along...

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