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"Some of you that think they don't have it might actually have it.

What it sounds like is the "tink" sound you get when something metallic is cooling down. For example the "tinking" sound when a hot exhaust is cooling down.

Except, this tink sound happens whenever you shift into either forward or reverse, and sometimes also when the automatic tarnsmission shifts from one gear to the next.

It apparently is caused when the aluminumm driveshaft "winds up" a bit under sudden load, and then springs back against the u-joints. My mechanic correctly identified it as problem, but had throught it was failing u-joints, because apparently failing u-joints cause exactly that same sound.

The similarity in sound is probably because the same thing is in effect happening for 2 different causes. In one case, slack in worn u-joints being taken up suddenly and in the other the driveshaft unwinding against the u-joints.

On my SSR, it is easily loud to hear even with the top up, as long as the radio is off, but is apaprentyl even louder on the exterior."

Jim G

Thanks to Jim Gnitecki post I realize I have the infamous "tink" other than it being annoying is there any good reason to fix?

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I would imagine that the sudden stress on the U-joints and needle bearings doesn't help it any and would were out sooner. Also might be a possibility of the driveshaft twisting over time which would lead to stressing the aluminum shaft.

I'm not taking the chance of being on the side of the road. Mines covered under warranty and as soon as the new ones in, on it goes.

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The driveshaft 'tink' has been a pet peeve of mine after about 600 miles after owning my '04 SSR.It was mild at first and then an embarassing nuisance.

The dealership had it replaced with a 'new improved' driveshaft and yet after 250 miles the 'tink' had returned. I waited till the sound was loud enough to make sure no one could dispute it's origins and took it back into the dealership after several months.

After scouring the web to find any reports of driveshaft noise in other SSRs, I found this forum.

I had brought with me printouts of the driveshaft 'tink' discussions from this forum and the SSR Fanatic site address to present to the dealership.

A couple weeks later the service manager from the dealership had called and asked me to bring in my SSR to install try out a custom steel driveshaft.

I've waited to see if this new driveshaft had dispersed the 'tink' noise before reporting it on this forum.

After 500 miles of driving, it seems to be working fine.

Just wanted to pass this info along...

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