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Took delivery of my 2004 Slingshot yesterday, finally. When the guy backed it off the truck, I heard a "tink / clank" noise when it was on the ground in reverse. When I drove it around a bit, it made (makes) a "tink / clank" noise from the rear end, seems to be when shifting gears (mine is automatic), but not every time. Does it when shifting up or down, seems to be at slower speeds but still very random, happens in both forward and reverse.

Is this the famous "TINK"??? I was under the impression that the TINK noise evryone talks about is more of a 'baseball cards in bicycle spokes' type of noise, "tink - tink - tink..." a more constant noise.?? Do I have the TINK< or could it be something else, and if something else, any suggestions to have the dealer look at??

The truck has just over 120 miles on it.


On another note, this truck has been on the lot for at least 8 or 9 months, should I have any fluids changed right off the bat??

Thanks. Jeff

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Hi Jeff,

You are not alone....I've read many threads about the famous tink. I bought my 04 with about 120miles on it. I thought the tink was just because it had sat a while. 1000miles later, it's still there. Reading through the discussions, I agree with many Fanitic members tha it is a drive shaft issue that resolves upon installation only to return again within the first few hundred miles.

Read through the site...Look for feedback from Marc NY.....he really knows his stuff.

Good luck and let us all know if the Dealership helps.

Joe Davis

Haven't looked at the list, but are you going to Irwindale....If so....see you there! :yesnod

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look under the thread, "im tinkless" and you will see a very good explanation along with pictures that the tink may in fact be a band of metal left on the driveshaft when it is supposed to be removed.

i for one am going to my mechanic along with the aforementioned link and take a look see.......

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I started the "Im Tinkless" thread hoping that my local dealer had found the miracle cure. It turns out the metal strap removal did not cure the problem. The 'tink' you are asking about sounds like the same tink we are all getting. There is a new (version 3) driveshaft that supposedly is curing the problem. Part #15247556. This is an updated shaft that replaces the first revision #10371682 which did not correct the problem in most cases.
My service rep called yesterday to let me know my new shaft was in. I will be out of town next week on family business so it won't be until the following week that I get mine replaced. I'll update ASAP.

If you do go to your dealer make sure they get the NEWEST driveshaft version. There is a GM bullitin # somewhere in the tinkless thread.

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