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Tire Pressure monitor?

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1. Has anyone installed and tested the "Dakota Digital Tire Pressure Monitor"?

2. How did your monitor mount to the wheel?

3. Are currently any others being offered?

Thanks :seeya
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I had a Dakota Digital system installed on my new wheels this week - wheels and tires are on the road from Newstalgia, unfortunately too late for this week's road trip.

I'm going to try to mount the DD gauge in place of the GPH on the auxiliary pod. If that won't work, I picked up a black autometer mount, which should mount up to the bolt under the dash panel just left of the auxiliary pod.

The senders are coded to specific position, but can be reprogrammed for a tire rotation - not an issue on the SSR. The sensor is mounted at the lowest center point of the rim, held in place by a large stainless band - basically a huge hose clamp.

It was a bit dicey installing them on a soft lip wheel - the tire valves are mounted dead center to keep the dish totally clean, potentially interfering with the band. Not a problem on a standard wheel design with a front mounted valve stem.

The system has a receiver mounted under the dash, wired to the gauge.

Senders operate by centrifugal force - they shut off when the vehicle stops, and will turn on at approx 8 mph

The system has an alarm which will indicate a problem if the pressure drops 3 psi below your preset limit, and can be switched to check tire temperature.

More feedback when I actually install the system.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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