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flat tire repair

I've been checking the electronic catalog for several months
now and GM finally has a separate listing for the SSR. We
used to look up parts under the Trailblazer headings. So,
the general is moving right along.

It's true--there is no spare tire. Behind the driver's seat is
a tire repair kit. There is a carrying case containing an air
compressor that works off the cig lighter, a bottle of stop leak,
a hose, valve, valve core extractor, and hose plug. So when
trouble strikes, you whip out the extractor, remove the valve
core, squirt in the stop leak, air up the tire and hope you don't
ruin one of those fat tires.

FYI--The bottle of stop leak carries a retail price of $52.00.

GM has released very few prices for SSR parts. There are part
numbers, but they haven't been set up yet.
:rolleyes: :D
PS this was originally posted 10-8-03
Yes, there is roadside assistance.
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