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Geez the Goodyear soft wall piece of crap tires are deadly around a tight turn at high speeds even with traction control on.

These tires side walls are too weak to support 6,000 lbs being thrown around.

I am putting BFGs on soonl, hoping to make a change. I normally run Yoko's or Pirelli, but decided to try something a little more American.

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Try this

U may want 2 try HANKOOK tires. I hav a 96 Impala SS n never cud get the tires 2 bite. After 4 sets I tried the Hankook's n was pleasantly suprised. Not only did they give me the traction I needed but they don't hydoplane in the rain like others did.

No...I hav NO INTEREST in Hankook...they jus worked 4 me.

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