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I recently purchased an O4 SSR 18,000 Miles. Housed in a temp controlled garage for last 8 years.
2 Tire stores said the Original tires showed no cracks, bulges or damage for 17 year old tires, just don't go speeding! lol
Most of the people on the FB Page.....strongly encouraged me to buy new, as it could blow at anytime. I had 2 choices Continental or Pirelli.....Bought Continental 1300. is the price I pay for peace of mind and highway driving. (I hope my $ from Uncle Sam and Uncle Joe B. shows up soon!) Thanks to all who had my safety in mind!
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Not likely. There are far too many here that attest to not running old tires and I'm one of them. Old tires that blow out can wrap up and tear up a fender. Not even close to worth that chance with as scarce and costly as parts can be for these trucks. Just one man's opinion. Great choice on the Continentals, I run the same ones!

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Agree with @Firetruck. Call me crazy but I’d loose sleep thinking someone might have their wife and kids in a vehicle running those old tires. Don’t want them to go into landfill, but maybe they can be recycled. How about four new tire swings for summer fun? :D

Congrats on the new ride and Continental tire choice... same ones we run as well.(y)
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