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To Irwindale from Riverside / San Diego County

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We are trying to get a group together to drive up to Irwindale from Corona CA (Riverside County) All of you in Riverside or San Diego Counties that are going to Irwindale let me know if you are interested in meeting and we will figure out a time and a place.


I'm looking for a good spot to meet here in Corona. I have a couple of ideas near the 15 and 91 interchange.....(Suggestions Welcomed) :yesnod

It may be crazy to coordinate, but we could meet up with other groups along the way. OK...I'm :willy:

Joe Davis
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Thanks.... I'll see if someone will meet me in S.D. County.
Join Up With the Group from the High Desert

Why not join up with the group from the high desert? You could meet us at the intersection of the 57 and the 210. We would have to time it right so that we meet :thumbs

:seeya E :seeya

Orange SSR :ssr
That intersection is about 15 minutes from Sierra Chevrolet. We need to figure out what time we are leaving Corona.

Haven't gotten that far yet...I'll keep you posted :flag

Joe Davis
Hi Joe,
We're going to head right on in to the dealership because I don't know that the traffic will be like and don't want you guys to be concerned if I'm late..
See you there!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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