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Tonneau Hinge service bulletin

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Receive a PM yesterday asking for the bulletin number for the tonneau cover hinge replacement, for Serial numbers up to approx 1250.

Called my dealer, and he provided me with the following: 1-46-1821

Hope this helps anyone still having hinge problems.

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Thank you for taking the time to call your dealer to get this info!
Tonneau Hinges

Do everyone's hinges need to be replaced, or just some of the low vins? Mine is an '03, vin 369, and I don't seem to be having a problem. --Or is it soon to come? :skep
My 03 is VIN #602 and I have not had a problem just yet, but since it gets over 100 degrees here in the Sacramento area, I'm hoping to avoid any roof damage by getting these replaced before the problem shows up.

The local service manager has located the service bulletin noted above which he stated was superceded by a new one. I don't know what that "new one" is just yet. He's called the regional level to get approval to order these brackets for my SSR.
Roof cycle time error

Mine is number 614 ans I haven't been able to put the top down for three weeks now, while the "new" hinges are on order. :nopity

Is this bulletin about the tonneau cover or the the top? My top won't move more than 3 inches from the full closed position. Can't seem to get a straight answer from the dealer. Is this in that bulletin? I've got #3053. :confused :confused
Called my service manager this afternoon. I was able to obtain the new bulletin id numbers for this issue:

1507343 and PI01752A (where PI stands for Parts Information)

These are related to the "Storage Compartment Lid" (tonneau cover) hinges.

I was told the PI01752A number is the "latest" document for this issue.
The service manager called this morning stating one of the hinge brackets are available and the other is on back order. He's thinking they might be here in a week or so. But if others have been waiting for a long time for their broken top hinges, I don't hold high hopes of getting them in one week.

Just got my hinges replaced yesterday. They ordered them and had them at the dealership in 3 days. They never mentioned a backlog???

So far it seems to have corrected the problem.
I think you have to stay on top of your dealer/service in order to get your parts in a timely manner.
It seems my dealer had received the "new" hinges, but was waiting on my seat parts (another problem). The dealer installed the hinges yesterday and they appear to work fine, though this morning I again got the dreaded "ROOF CYCLE TIMEOUT " error message. Though when I recycled the switch it worked okay the second time. :nopity
I was getting the "ROOF CYCLE TIMEOUT" errors most every time that I tried to put the roof down when I first purchased the SSR. I then read the threads on this site relating to the roof and the one that stated to tie back the plastic wire housing on the passenger's side by the hinges sounded interesting. I placed a plastic tie wrap on that critter and I have not had a "ROOF CYCLE TIMEOUT" since then. I'm trying to avoid any roof damage by getting the hinges replaced now since the temp gets well over 100 here in the Sacramento Valley. The original hinges that "have issues" when it's over 70 will certainly have problems with 100+ temps.
I have number 856 from the 03 year. I would guess I qualify for these hinges. Will have to bring that up next time I am there at the dealer. My switch part for the steering wheel came in and I need to make an appointment to have that installed. I plan on bringing up these part numbers, if they do in fact affect the actual roof operation. Is that correct? I just recently have had the bolts from the flipper door make contact with the roof and it now has two very distinct nicks in the paint. Those bolts should have been coated or something. Even a plastic cap could prevent paint damage. :nodno

By the way, the switch part I am referring to is the volume control switch on the wheel. The paint wore off of it. Guess I just keep turning up ZZ Top tooooooo loud tooooooo often! yea :seeya
My dealership's service department spent nearly two days installing the new hinges. What a MESS! The tonneau cover is completely misaligned now and they cannot get it aligned. The service manager now wants a SSR specialist to fly out to work on it.

When do I get to start enjoying my SSR? :banghead
Below is edmunds list of TSB's for the 2004 SSR. These are always nice to print out and take to the dealers' service department.

I have three of the items listed.

They are:

1. Wind noise (on the right side about 65 mph)
2. Blower motor noise
3. Rattle noise from header with the top up (this is in right side)

In addition to the three listed above, I really don't think the transmission shifts where and when it should.*
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I dropped off my SSR last Saturday so the service department could work on the hinges while I was off on a short vacation. On the way home on 7/28/04, we called and they stated the SSR was ready for pickup.

I arrived and found the tonneau cover was still sitting up in the back when in the fully seated position. After another hour of standing around, I got my SSR back but now the sides sit a bit lower than the bed cover to make the center of the tonneau cover not stick up.

For anyone else that had their hinges replaced, did you have or do you have alignment issues with your tonneau cover afterwards?

There was another black SSR with a late enough VIN to have the new hinges from the factory and its alignment was perfect. My alignment was perfect before the hinge replacement. Several other SSRs on the lot had very poor tonneau cover alignment (late 03 VINs as well).
Mine works OK since the new hinges were installed - only a few times with the dreaded "time out" It still tends to rise more quickly on the driver's side, ever after attempts at lubing the hinges, and the tonneau still does not sit properly. The dealer could not get it right, and in the interest of preventing paint damage from a lot of leaning over, I've been trying to adjust it myself. I can't get the driver's side to come down enough to have it flush with the rear lid. With the one side up higher, the center is also higher than it should be. The hinge assembly sits on a locating stud and is bolted in place, but the bolt holes and locating stud hole are not slotted, so it can't be lowered. Maybe Freezer can help on this one - if I remove the driver's side hinge assembly, and use my Dremel tool to create slots for the locating stud and bolts so the hinge assembly can be dropped slightly, could I achieve the desired results? The tonneau, with the original hinge assemblies, sat too low, and was snagging the rear deck lid - seems strange that I can't achieve a happy average

One frustration of something as low production as the SSR is the lack of knowledge at the dealer level - I insisted on being there the entire time they worked on it, and happy I was - no one had seen the top work before, so they certainly didn't have much expertise. I'd already had it apart a few times to try to keep the old hinge system working, so I could steer them through disassembly.

There must be a documented adjustment procedure at LCC, and perhaps access to that information would allow the more adventurous among us to have the satisfaction of making it work right. :smash
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After this post, I decided to take a time out from work and experimented some more. I removed the driver's side stop for the tonneau - didn't drop any further. I then removed the hinge stop or bumper - no difference. I did notice that every time the tonneau was released from the side locking mechanism that I could hear a sound from the passenger's side, but not the drivers. I adjusted the plate assembly that the lock slides into on the driver's side to it's maximum height, thinking that this would pull the tonneau down further - still no difference. So, now I'm officially stumped as to why that side and the center insist on being higher. I can't see anything other than the mechanisms on the outside corners that could control the height of the tonneau.

I guess the next step is to try to figure out why the front edge of the tonneau sits lower than the door edge on both sides - My latest twisted logic is leading me to think that maybe the front edge is seating itself too early, and preventing the back edge from coming down properly - so back to the bowels of the SSR to try to figure how I can get the front lip up higher. Let you know how that turns out.

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Thanks for the info on your alignment attempts, it's greatly appreciated!
The roof experts should be involved in this from GM. I only know some things about all the issues and there may be better information available.

If you have low vin and the tonneau hits the bed cover, your hinges are probably bent and need replacing. If you have a low vin and everything works OK, you probably do not need the hinges replaced. They only bend if they hang up on the bed cover. They could bend if you held the tonneau down while you were cycling the roof of reefed on the tonneau while it was up.

If you want to adjust the tonneau fit, go after the attachment of the hinges to the tonneau. If you try to adjust at the hinges to the body, you can really screw up the tonneau motion relative to both the body and the bed cover. You can slot the holes in the hinges where they attach to the tonneau for both fore aft and vertical adjustment.

Another thing to do is adjust the fit of the bed cover to bring it down and flush with the body sides. You can also do some "manual" adjustment to the crown of the bed cover to bring it down slightly in the center.

Godd luck everyone!
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