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The roof experts should be involved in this from GM. I only know some things about all the issues and there may be better information available.

If you have low vin and the tonneau hits the bed cover, your hinges are probably bent and need replacing. If you have a low vin and everything works OK, you probably do not need the hinges replaced. They only bend if they hang up on the bed cover. They could bend if you held the tonneau down while you were cycling the roof of reefed on the tonneau while it was up.

If you want to adjust the tonneau fit, go after the attachment of the hinges to the tonneau. If you try to adjust at the hinges to the body, you can really screw up the tonneau motion relative to both the body and the bed cover. You can slot the holes in the hinges where they attach to the tonneau for both fore aft and vertical adjustment.

Another thing to do is adjust the fit of the bed cover to bring it down and flush with the body sides. You can also do some "manual" adjustment to the crown of the bed cover to bring it down slightly in the center.

Godd luck everyone!
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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