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Tonneau Hinge service bulletin

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Receive a PM yesterday asking for the bulletin number for the tonneau cover hinge replacement, for Serial numbers up to approx 1250.

Called my dealer, and he provided me with the following: 1-46-1821

Hope this helps anyone still having hinge problems.

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After driving my SSR home on Wedneday and having it sit in the garage overnight, I tried to drop the top and received the "Roof Cycle Timeout" error 10 times in a row. You would hear the two "pop" release sounds from the side holders, but after a small amount of upward movement (mainly on the passenger's side) there would be another "pop" sound and the "Roof Cycle Timeout" message would appear.

I demonstrated this behavior to the service manager this morning. It failed only once and then started working again. I found that after driving the SSR and then trying put the top up (or down) would result in another set of "Roof Cycle Timeouts" after the third "pop" sound.

I had enough of the problem and decided to look at the issue myself since the dealership clearly did not understand how to adjust this "creature" after having it for three days and working the GM tech line.

What I found was that when they tried to align the cover with the bed cover they never really adjusted the rubber stops on the driver's side correctly. There was absolutely no contact between the stops and the hinges/cover as they demonstrated to me there should be if adjusted correctly. I placed some white grease on the stops and found that neither of the driver's side stops were touching anything and I confirmed this further by being able to push on the cover when "fully seated" and it would still move down without much resistance (and still no contact with the stops).

I ended up having to adjust up the lower (larger) rubber stop on the driver's side by two full turns before there was any hint of contact with the hinge (like the passenger side had). The smaller rubber stop on the driver's side required 1.5 turns upward as well.

After making my adjustments, the "Roof Cycle Timeouts" have stopped and the lifting of the tonneau cover is smooth again. Let's see how it goes over the weekend. I explained what I found to the service manager and he agreed that it seems they were not adjusted correctly (which surprised him).
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My "Roof Cycle Timeout" errors started again. Now it's only one time instead of 10 or more times. Time to call the service manager on Monday. :mad
I was keeping my fingers crossed that you might have solved this problem. Ours works on the second try but I am sure that it will get worse the more times we put it up and down. I hope GM finds a fix soon.
I did some more adjusting on Sunday. I found one of the cable runs on the passenger side to not be in the correct place because the holder (about mid way up on the back side of the storage compartment) was not snaped into place.

I also noticed the large rubber stop on the passenger side had a deep mark in it from the hinge/bracket. I put some white grease on it to see how deep it was going and it was really deep into it. I ended up backing off the rubber stop 1/2 turn and that's where no contact was made and then adjusted it 1/4 turn up (net change is 1/4 down) and that was where the same amount of contact was made as the driver's side stop.

Since that stopper change and cable placement, I've not had a roof cycle timeout occur. I've driven the SSR several times (that's what seemed to cause it before) and so far it's still working. If it goes a few more days without an error then I'll claim full success.
My "Roof Cycle Timeout" errors returned. I took the SSR over this morning to see if they could recover a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) from the RDM (Roof and Door Module). The tech stated there were no stored codes. It also failed twice while he had the scan tool attached and he still claimed there were no DTC values.

Something must be causing the "Roof Cycle Timeout" to occur? The RDM must be upset with something to cause the "Roof Cycle Timeout" failure and there must be a way to figure out which sensor is not right.

So, my SSR is spending the day at the service shop (again).
My SSR is spending the night at the service department. The GM tech line stated to the service department that they need to let it sit overnight and if it occurs again in the morning, they'll fly out a SSR specialist to work on it. :banghead
My Top is NO GO! I guess I should be thankful it locked up in the up and closed position! Now I can take it to the dealer since they will be able to see that it is really BROKE!
Same thing

wildcat66 said:
My Top is NO GO! I guess I should be thankful it locked up in the up and closed position! Now I can take it to the dealer since they will be able to see that it is really BROKE!
Sounds like the same thing I just had - it was a broken lock/switch. Hope they find the right part. Pretty hot now for the top down anyway.
That was the left lock switch? Correct? I am going to see my dealer Thursday.
Left lock switch

wildcat66 said:
That was the left lock switch? Correct? I am going to see my dealer Thursday.
Yeah - it ws the left, but it just as easy could have been the right.
The service department apparently made some adjustments (made sure a 4mm gap exists between the tonneau cover and the bed cover, raise the tonneau cover side latch pins a small amount) to my SSR.

GM tech line wanted to have the service department reproduce the "Roof Cycle Timeout" with a GM scan tool attached to record the sequence of events that occur during the failure. Of course it did not fail. I then took the SSR out for a test drive to try and provoke the problem but it still did not fail.

GM is now sending a SSR specialist out this Friday from what my service writer has told me this afternoon.
All of the latch interface switches are on the left latch.

freezer said:
All of the latch interface switches are on the left latch.
Thanks, freeze - didn't dawn on me that the switch interface is only on one side. Might explain why my dealer lost two weeks ordering the wrong latch. (Or receiving the wrong latch - according to him)
I left my Slingshot at the dealer this afternoon I hope they know what they are looking for! Or I will have to go back and tell them LOL!!!:)
I picked up "slingshot" this afternoon. and guess what. :thumbs They bled the hydraulics in the top lifts and added more fluid and now my top goes up and down and down and up! Oh what fun and the temp today was under 90 thanks to the "cold front" that came through last night. So we will be keeping our fingers crossed and drivin' with the top down. I am lovin' it!!!!!!:)
Great news

That's great news Machelle, I'm very happy for you and I hope it keeps working for you with no more probs.
The GM (not SSR) specialist was out today to look at/work on my SSR.

They decided to leave the roof/tonneau cover/hinge adjustements as they were since the roof is not currently experiencing any "Roof Cycle Timeout" errors since the changes made on 8/3/04. They did fill the roof fluid tank above the "min" level it was sitting at.

The roof continues to operate correctly. I hope mine is finally back to where it was before the hinge change. The alignment isn't as good as before but since the changes on 8/3/04 it's much better than it was.

They also claimed to have fixed a rattle I have on the passenger side by the roof. Well, not quite. As soon as I drove the SSR off of the lot it started rattling again. I drove right back and took the service manager on a short test drive to demonstarte the "specialist's" failings. :cuss

At least my roof is working. :)
Hubby took the SSR to the Airport this afternoon. As soon as he got in he put the top down and got the Time Out Cycle notice. So I guess we will wait for future failures again. :(
Top Problems with 03

Had the SSR out this long Labor Day weekend and guess what? I was putting the top up and down for some folks and I noticed the panel door for the roof started sticking when I tryed to put the top up. Then this morning when I tried to put the top down, it took several tries before the panel door would open. It seemed to be sticking on the right side. Now after getting the top down I can not get it up at all! I know this problem has been discussed on previous posts.
Sounds like the hinges need to be replaced? What's the latest fix for this problem?

Thanks, Scott 0168 :confused
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