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Tonneau Hinge service bulletin

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Receive a PM yesterday asking for the bulletin number for the tonneau cover hinge replacement, for Serial numbers up to approx 1250.

Called my dealer, and he provided me with the following: 1-46-1821

Hope this helps anyone still having hinge problems.

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Scott, make sure the cables (in the plastic covering) on the passenger side are not getting caught on the small rubber stopper on the passenger side. If the cables look ok, check the alignment of the tonneau cover. If the tonneau cover is "out of whack" then you may have bent hinges. That would require a replacement of the hinges.

The hinge replacement on my SSR was the beginning of a very long period of time (three weeks) before my roof and roof tonneau cover were aligned and working correctly. My roof/tonneau cover are "working correctly" for the last month since the final adjustment of the tonneau cover. It took A LOT of calls from the local service tech to the GM tech line to get the correct adjustment of the hinges after they were installed.
I had the same problem and i was able to see a difference in height from the roof cover and the tonneau cover when i started to have the problem. I had my hinges replaced last week. They were able to do the job in one day once they had the parts. I have opened and closed the roof about 50 times so far trouble free.
Ohhhh Scott, I feel your pain technician in the body shop at Priority Chevrolet is an expert with that top and the tonu hinges. Another dealership had initially adjusted it the wrong way and caused a lot of trouble for me. I hope your guys know what to do and you get your ride back soon.
Thanks for the help guys! Me and the wife went out to the garage and as per GM service writer instructions got the top to close. He said to bring it in this Thursday. He said he's new to this service problem with the hinges. He did look up the service bulletin with the number from this Forum I furnished him.

Scott 0168 :thumbs
Hinge Replacement

Took the pride and joy to the dealer today! He looked up the service bulletin with the number I gave him from this post and they will order the hinges.
Again, could someone explain why the hinges get out of sinc and bend? I was parked in full sun all day (90') with the top down. Does the heat have anything to do with it ? This is a very large dealership here in south west Michigan, but this will be there first hinge job. Wish me luck! By the way I saw at least 3 new SSR's on their lot.

Thanks, Scott 0168 :confused

I was told that the hinges themselves would not bend unless some sort of blockage/stress was encountered. The original hinges (on the early production SSRs) are not made of heat treated metal. That's why when they are warmed up and exposed to any sort of abnormal stress, they'll bend causing metal to metal contact and possible paint damage. The exposure to heat is a factor in this issue, from what I've been told, but the abnormal stress must also be encountered to trigger the full problem.

The installation of these hinges opened one messy can of worms on my SSR (former SSR as of two days ago). It took nearly three weeks for the service department to get the alignment "correct" again and without "Roof Cycle Timeout" errors occuring on every roof open/close attempt.
Just got a call from my Dealer on the hinge installation. They are having all kinds of problems with the installation. Wish there was someone we could call in Lansing at the Craft Center. I just emailed Freezer to see if he could shed any more light on the installation problem.
Scott 0168 :mad
Well I got a call from my service rep today. Things are looking up! They said they have it figured out. The bullitin number I gave them was for the bed cover hinges, not the storage cover hinges for the convertible top, (flapper door). So now they have to order the hinges for the storage cover, (flapper door).
They said there was a bullitin out on both covers for the early 03's. Sounds like I'll get it back early next week.
Scott 0168 :)
Got Dream Ride Back Today!

After two weeks at the dealership for tonneau cover hinge replacement our SSR is finally back home! Once they got the correct hinges ordered (Tonneau Cover) and the rep from the Lansing Craft Center came down to help install, everything worked out great. My service rep did a great job keeping me informed on the progress over the 2 week period they had our SSR. I have a low Vin # is why my hinges had to be replaced as stated in other posts.
Scott 0168 :)

HI Scott,

Glad to hear you got your ride back... :) Just remember us NORTHERN SSR owners only have a few more good weeks left before the snow starts to blow our way!

Ps please no jokes about snowflakes or blowing snow drifts etc. etc.... ;)

Marc NY said:
HI Scott,

Glad to hear you got your ride back... :) Just remember us NORTHERN SSR owners only have a few more good weeks left before the snow starts to blow our way!

Ps please no jokes about snowflakes or blowing snow drifts etc. etc.... ;)
Just hold that stuff off another two weeks - then I'll be back in the Sun Belt.
41 - 51 of 51 Posts
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