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Just brought my new SSR home - I'll let you know about the trip in the general forum.

It's an absolutely incredible toy, exept for problems with the operation of the top. Don't know the terminology, but the lid that first pops up to allow the top to go up or down is snaqging against the tonneau cover.

I checked a new 04 today, and the lid operation is quite different. The lid pops straight up, then tilts back, clearing the tonneau with no problems at all. Mine is an early serial number, and the lid seems to slip back into the tonneau as it starts to lift, and locks against it. It usually pops free if I stop the lifting process, but it sometimes times out, and I need to lock it back down and start over. Both the lid and tonneau are chipped at the tip of the crease, and the tonneau is getting scratched where the lid hits it as it drops back into place.

The gap between the lid and tonneau wasn't consistent - about 1/8 inch on one side, and almost touching on the other side. I was able to adjust the lid so the gap was even on both sides, which eliminated the tonneau catching against the lid when the tonneau was raised. I was also able to raise the outside edges of the lid to match the height of the tonneau with the adjusters under the lid. I even tried to raise the lid slightly by inserting spacers between the lid and the brackets, and added a small rubber gasket to raise the center support slightly - it still snags the tonneau.

The GM dealership body shop manager hadn't seen the lid work before, but when we compared my early 03 to the new 04, he had no doubt that the operation was different. He will be checking with GM, but I'm hoping someone on the website has experienced the same problem and can give me some assistance.

Is there a number, or email address to contact the Lansing Craft Center to get technical support - can't email Freezer and Morty, so I'll try leaving them a private message, to see if they can get an answer. I suspect I'll need to have the mechanism replaced.

Thanks for any guidance and information you can supply.


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I had the exact same problem and no dealer could fix it except for Priority Chevrolet in Chesapeake. I was bypassing the sensor by holding the top down button and just before I got the message on the "DIC", I released the button and pop, the "Flipper Door" opened and allowed the top to go down. It needed a lateral (horizontal adjustment). They fixed it in an hour. ;)
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