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The SSR's cupholders are a source of problems, and here's how I fixed mine.

While removing the lower dash in a previously described failed attempt to get at the passenger airbag (GM calls it the knee bolster), after re-installation of the lower dash I found the dash cupholder and the coin holder were binding and wouldn't open.

What I discovered was that there are 2 thin metal fingers/struts (part of the dash structurals) that were pressing down on each cupholder mechanism causing it to cant and rub against the dash cupholder cutout. This caused the cupholder to bind. Since I had the upper dash off, it was easy to take a long screwdriver and through the A/C cutouts bend the FREAKING THING up and out of the [email protected]@MMED way.

That only wasted 30 minutes of my time. Thank you General.

Can you tell i'm from New York City?

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if anyone is having this issue you can reach these through the ashtray opening :thumbs
I had to play with both quite a bit between trying a cupholder on the driver side and breaking off the trim face on the passenger side :flag
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