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I finally got the first look at my custom made centers for my smoothie wheels.

They have some minor bubbles in them due to (what the sign shop said was) outdated materials.
I told him to order some more good material so we could get them perfect.
He was dragging his feet that the materials were expensive and he didn't want to order it just for a few emblems.
My response was so what, this is exactly what i'm looking for so order it , don't care if it costs me $100 bucks to get them done, it's what I want.

So the new materials are on the way, and he gave me the slightly imperfect ones to use for the weekend on my wheels. I have a few extras that I'm bringing to the homecoming so people can see what they are.

For the rest of you I took a quick pic if it on the wheels. They look a whole lot better then the cheap stickers that the manufacturer applied. Not to mention they have our three favorite letters on them.


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Can't wait to see how they look in person. Some people drag their feet just for the sake of it. Keep on top of them.

Looking forward to seeing you and Kim again.


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