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Took Delivery, but not happy

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Took delivery of my new redline red 2005 SSR yesterday and as soon as I drove off the lot noticed one broken air vent and another loud rattling one.

The optional floor guages came loose (I fixed), but the most disturbing thing is that when the top is up, I get a "Roof Ajar" warning that will not clear but for a few seconds.

It goes in for service tomorrow...Oh well, at least I was able to drive it for a day and a half.

And American car companies wonder why they loose market share to foreign ones and the American Auto workers wonder why they loose their jobs.

My 2004 Volvo XC90 was delivered in pristine condition.

Sorry, just venting and frustrated.
Any ideas on the roof situation???

How do I attach pictures?
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What is sad here is that people are ignoring the fact that GM'S quality control sucks. They should not release the vehicle for sale if it doesn't pass. Evidently it is build it, ship it and we will worry about fixing it later.

GM do you see where you are messing up?

Good luck with your new SSR, go ahead and establish a good relationship with the service advisor because you will be visiting them more than you would want to.
woohoo said:
Check your stats as he suggested and you will find you get what you pay for. Imports= cheap junk 99% of the time.

LMAO.... You have a sticker priced of $50k on a rebodied trailBlazer and they cannot get quality control taken care of? I love my SSR and think the styling is great but have to admit if I would have known the problems of this truck before I bought it I would have to had asked the dealer for another $10k off the $35k I paid for it.

Stay after them at the dealer but be nice, It will become you home away from home.. :lol :lol :lol

Oh and onthe cheap Import Jnk... My buddie has an 88 Mazda B2000 pickup.. It has 236,000 miles on it and it needed a clutch at 100k...Still on the factory isn't fast but it is dependable.. Oh it did go to the dealer back in89 for a driverside window regulator..Other than that it has been trouble free... :seeya
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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