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Took My SSR to the Dealer for Service..

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Well I finaly broke down and took it in for some minor issues. Rear hatch not lifting, rattle passengerside roof and bumpy feeling tires. It turns out that my Truck had sit on the dealers floor since they got it until I bought it. 6 months went by before I came to the rescue and I think the tires are just shot. The ruffness has smoothed out some since I got it but not enough.

There must be something on them as far as a tsb or something as my service manager asked about how many miles was on them. He said he could not do anything unless they had more than 500 miles on them. My service guy is a car nut also and he told me that seeing how it is going to storm tonight he would keep it under cover instead of putting it in the holding lot... :thumbs

Also he is in the market for one and should be joining the site this week.. I gave him the address and all.. funny thing is that this is the first time in my life that I can actually make the following statement.

He asked me how long have I had it and how long the problems had been and I said since I got it 3 weeks ago. He asked why did I wait till now to bring it in and I said once you own one and get ot drive it and the sun is out and in the 70 degree range...You will not want to part with it either...It took all I could to leave it there today.. :cry :cry :cry
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Sorry Buddy!

I hope you get it back soon!

The first time I had to leave mine at the dealer I told my husband that I would go hang out with it all day to make sure they were taking good care of it.
Thanks for the replies... SO I guess I am really not that far off in my mind after all...

I also could not bring myself to let the other emplyees know where my baby was at. I told them that she was at home because of the rain today... Hehe..I drove the wife's car to work.... Supercharger is fun in the rain!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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