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Hello SSR Fanatics!!
Speedometer is at 6,042 miles since November 13, 03.
Lets just say that I found out the top end is 125 and felt like
she had lots more to go...rides smooth. strong and steady.
Forgot to look at the RPMs though..too concentrated on
the road.
Forgive me as I am not familiar with all the lingo most of
you car and truck enthusiasts have..I only know that I dont
need to supercharge this baby..more than enough for me.
Someone else in town just got a new yellow SSR.I forgot to
ask her what Vin# was.Will see her at my job soon..She
said they sold their Corvette to buy this one!!
She also mentioned that you can buy a chip at Summit
Racing for under $400.00. that adds 68 Hp.


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Summit racing says there is no such thing.... I got excited for nothing... :banghead :banghead :banghead Lady, can you get some more info out of her?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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