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it went into the shop for warranty. While it was there it got the #3 drive line and checked the fan for high speed operation.

They tried very hard to do this right the first time. Whole interior out to gain access to pump and lines. Two days and I pick it up.

I noticed the steering wheel radio controls are out. Then I noticed the passenger door lock isn't unlocking. Then the headlights or out.

Dealer says its a 10 minute BCM reflash. Then the top would not work. Well, maybe it is a 20 minute BCM reflash. Then things got bad.

"Guess" the BCM is out. Of course it isn't a stock item. I'm leaving for vacation this weekend. Love the drama! :D

Must be Miller Time. :cheers

Here is a "Heads up" from Friday afternoon. The shop got the new BCM in good time, worked like they were fighting a fire and got it in and back together. Ran the program and..... it went up in smoke.

After many calls they now know our SSR BCMs are their own special little black boxes. The dealers must call 'tech support' for step by step procedures to program our SSRs.

The SSR won't be going on vacation.

Arrived home from vacation to find the shop had the third BCM installed and programmed with Tech help. Everything seems to be working at this point. That is good. :D

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