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Top part way

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I think maybe this has been addressed before, but a long time ago. I opened my top this afternoon just about a foot and stopped it so I could put some silicone on the rubber seals. When I started it up again the roof wouldn't move and the warning message was "manually open tonneau cover". Since it was already open it took me a few minutes to figure out that you have to push (gently) on the top to get it to ease down into the storage compartment. Then the power mechanism worked as usual. BTW - it's a great way to get at and treat all those rubber seals.
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I opened mine part way today for the exact same reason: to treat the rubber seals.

However, when I pressed the button to re-close the roof from this partially open position, MINE responded with absolutely no error message, and closed properly.

Jim G
yes!! to keep them like new, soft and supple. all the rubber seals. be careful abuot getting to much on them water will make some black stains on the side glass. nothing that can't cleaned fairly easily thou. I do mine 4 time a year, but mine sits outside. Which is better than the boat sitting outside. :yesnod :yesnod :ssr :thumbs :flag :seeya
Can't believe my eyes !

You mean your boat has PRIORITY over your SSR ? :eek

Say it isn't so :cry

Wait a minute ,.......its May 1 , not April 1 ! :jester
Yes it does it has a year and half senority over the SSr. Have you ever Bass fished much? its surprizing how much ^$(&^% you can get in one. takes a way toooo long to unload to leave out side. Worser yet getting up in the middle of the nite to put every thing back in to go fishin that day?!?!? I don't think so MIKEY!! :lol :lol ;) :thumbs :flag :seeya

i JUST NEED a bigger and deeper garage. just don't want to pay for it. I like my toys tooooo much. ;) :leaving
They fish in Oklahoma ??? :jester
Yes we do!! It's the catching part that I seem to have a problem with sometimes. Thats why I could never understand the fishin shows on saturday and sunday mornings. Fishermen are not there to watch them cause we are out fishin ourselves. So whos watchin them? :lol :lol :confused :flag :seeya
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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