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My top will not come down; timed out. Looking for what I thought was a brake leak was actually a cylinder for the convertible top. I'm sure the hydraulic reservoir is empty. Question? Can I pull the green cable behind the drivers seat releasing the panel behind the cabin, lift that panel up, fill the reservoir, push the panel back down and pull the red cable which should lock the panel back down? Thanks, Hugo, [email protected]

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Using the cables is not easy and can break loose from wall cable bracket.

I/We have found that if you reach in behind the seat with small ratchet 10mm socket you can loosen or remove "latch" bracket from Roof Cover. Then lift, one person on each side, open roof cover. Better safer and easier in my opinion.

If you press switch for "Roof Down" it may release latch but not enough oil to continue. This means, one person on each side can open roof cover. TRY THIS FIRST!

Here is SSR How to Library:!853&cid=3EF39D9F5ADCE5E5

(Yes, I need to put this on my SSR How to Library).


1. You can reach behind seat into roof compartment.
2. This is roof cover latch.
3. This the oil you need for our Roof, AutoZone, Advance, etc.
4. Lift roof, one person on each side.
5. Remove front screw and loosen back screw, latch bracket will drop away.


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