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Don't know why things were broke for the last few days, but Troy - do you need any help??
Topcats was pretty lightly attended because of rain, but it was a GREAT time. In contrast to the Woodward cruise attendance - we had at least 40 - 50 people and all of 21 vehicles. But we DID get to run the track and it was awesome. Here's a few pics - Bert007, Wildcat66 and Houtex - Bert's redline on the track, we even had an Elvis and a crowded parking lot at Sunny Bryan's Smokehouse. Will upload more to the Gallery when I get some time.
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It was fun and I am glad to have met other SSR owners. The Laps were a blast, but I wanted to go faster. Our three SSR's at Sonny's looks like the horses tied to the hitching post. Happy Cruisin' :)
fast fast did you go?
The pace car ran the laps with 10 cars in each set. I only got up to 85 after hanging back a great distance from the person in front of me, before I caught up with him. I am planning on going back to get a better run.
How fast

looking4_an_ssr said: fast did you go?
We were in another run group from Machell - got to 90 - pretty awesome on a banked track.

Yes it was a blast to bad we couldn't have put the pedal to the metal, lol
Maybe next time :)
Photos Bert took

HI gang,

Bert was having some trouble uploading his photos so he asked me to do that for him. Looks like you guys/gals had fun over the weekend! Wish I could have been there with you.

Hope you enjoy Bert's photos...


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It was also pretty cool when we put all three tops down at once in the show garage. :) :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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