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torque management

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tried to do a brake stand, and tire barely spins. i guess it has to do with the programing.
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Did you turn off the TCS (Traction Control System) when you attempted to "light-up" the rear tires or did you have the TCS engaged?
i was with redimpss5 in our firends ssr and traction control was off the ssr was pushing the front wheels while barely spinning the rear tires. i think the computer has torque managment just like the 5.3's in the pick up trucks

Well it snowed again this weekend in I had to try slide the truck through the snow. With the traction control on it wasn't easy to get the wheels spinning and the truck drove straight even when I did. I didn't try it without the TCS (I'm not crazy....or am I). I will try it without the TCS the next snowfall.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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