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The first meeting of the Texas Owners of SSR's (TOSSR's) met on the Riverwalk on Friday night. The full quorum of Wildcat66 and Houtex were in attendance, having adjusted on the fly to the cancellation of the first annual Wimberley Run. Wilcat66 was elected President and Houtex, Vice President. Or maybe it was the other way around - we'll have to check with the Recording Secretary, Mrs. Houtex who seemed to be more interested in sampling Pina Coladas around the Riverwalk. Given there are 3000 SSR owners in the State of Texas, we assessed an attendance penalty of $1.00 each to help defray the costs of fajitas, pina coladas and the occasional Scotch.

On Saturday, after a necessary (at least to 'Cat and Mrs Houtex) shopping trip to Market Square - we cruised in a caravan to New Braunfels for barbecue. Then - just to prove we could find it - we went to Wimberley on a cool winding Hill Country route. Took a pic - showed off the top to a antique shop owner and then headed back home . Moonlight Cruz - we would have called you - but no number and no computers with us. Beautiful place - we're comin' back.

Below should be pics of the Mrs. Houtex and Wildcat66, 'Cat and Houtex at the meeting at the Hard Rock Cafe, SSR Babe in New Braunfels, 'Cat and Houtex in New Braunfels, and the Wimberley "proof" (we couldn't find the High School)
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Hey you two! (or three, counting Mrs. Houtex)

Thanks for sharing pictures of yourselves. It's nice putting a face on our SSR friend's name.

Maybe we need a thread to post our ugly mugs! Membership might go down, (HA!) but it would help us get to know each other better.

Again, thanks for sharing.........
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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