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Hello Larry

I'm sorry to hear that
at first glance, I had to hold my breath.
I hope for you that you are in order, and you soon find a replacement.

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As I'm reading this, I cannot even believe this has happened to you. We all will collectively share in your pain, and believe me when I say your Family two hours down the road will be consistently praying for you, upon all accounts.

I'm probably the least qualified to give suggestions, but if I may quote something I heard awhile back...

John 15:13;
"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down one's life for one's friend."

No matter what happens to your baby,
we will always remember that she knew you treated her right, and she took to the words of Christ Himself.
She gave up everything that she was,
to make sure of one thing alone.

You. Walked. Away.

Our prayers will be with you in the long upcoming weeks.
~'Muff & Family
I have to admit that I shed a couple of tears with not being able to save my Baby as I hung upside down inside the cab. I knew this was it. I did admired how well the roof held up and credited GM for the design but I never, until I read your post, thought of it in the way that you put it...

It was your amazing perspective;
"She gave up everything that she was, to make sure of one thing alone.

You. Walked. Away."

I knew where you were going the second I saw John 15:13 scripture and the tears started and I couldn't even finish reading it because I couldn't see through the tears... Hard for an old Drill Sergeant to admit but it's the truth! Your words will be forever attached to the memories of my beloved Hot Rod.

You are wise way beyond your years young man! Thank you for revealing what my heart has been aching about these last couple of days...

I love ya man and I love my Fanatic Family!

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Larry, you are a blessed man as others have said! God was looking out for you for certain. Old Blue went on the didn't! Now look for that 6-sp you been wantin! Give me a call when you have time. Bill

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I hate to blame the tire because I now remember the last time I drove the truck, my pup kept stepping on the console. Noticed once he turned off the Traction Control. It's possible it was turned off again and I didn't notice it when I left in the morning...

That's one thing that keeps bothering me! What they heck happened? Then I thought of that!

To answer your question... Goodyear Eagles. The OEM tires with maybe 20,000 miles on them
FYI-mine too. The traction control automatically resets to the on position every time the ignition is turned off. I just went out and tried/checked mine.

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I was gone about a week and just found this thread. So sorry to here about your loss. Hope it all turns out okay.

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FYI-mine too. The traction control automatically resets to the on position every time the ignition is turned off. I just went out and tried/checked mine.
Unless you change it so it's automatically off unless you turn it on, but I wouldn't recommend that.

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@ggoat!!! You're a funny guy! I wondered where you were going with that as I scrolled through all those blank spots! Yes, I've had a hackering for a 6 speed for awhile! Thanks for helping me to smile today! 馃檪

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Went to the Tow Yard yesterday to retrieve some items and take a closer look at my ole girl... The tail gate wasn't damaged and the tonneau cover popped up perfectly! Looks perfect! The passenger side door is untouched and only a small buckle on the driver's door at the base of the mirror but both are not broken. I guess the wide fenders protect the doors and even the side pipes and their brackets seem fine.

A few pictures to take a look!


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Man that's hard to look at, sure hope the insurance goes your way !!!!!!! :oops:

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Larry, I told you earlier on FB that I am glad you are OK, that's the most important thing.
But I am also sorry for you loss and mad at the same time.
I guess that puts me somewhere at Stage Two and Three in my grief process...mad as hell and want to bargain with God to get rid of all deer!!!

WTH!?!? I don't even know how deer contribute to our eco system, and I wish they would all go the way of the dinosaurs!!! If I were a hunter, I would definitely come up there during deer season and help settle the score!!

Ok, got that off my chest...Did I ever tell you that your truck had the sexiest side pipes I had ever seen!! 馃槣
Tina and I wish you much success in dealing with the insurance company, we hope you get treated fairly and that they move are going to have a lot of family members waiting to hug your neck in Branson!!!

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Larry I am glad you were able to walk away from this bad crash, the R did its best to keep you safe, but had to sacrifice its body parts to do so. This seems to be an opportunity to try a new color and a 6speed.
I wish the insurance company does good by you and covers the "new" R of your choice.
Are you feeling ok? I know it's been three days since the accident and I just now got on the site, I hope the pains and aches had resolved by now.

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@CruDawg , Thanks for the kind words brother. I talked with the home owner of the ditch I landed in yesterday. He stated that he has 3 or 4 deer wrecks every year by his house. This happened only 1 1/2 miles from my house, and I hunt across the street so there's a good chance that I'll have an opportunity for killin' the guilty party! I'll definitely be in my best Rambo mode! 馃槈

I don't really think that I hit one of them because I was too busy trying to keep my baby on the road but I never did see any deer hair, so I think they were just standing in the woods laughing at me! 馃槧

It appears that the side pipes and brackets survived. I'll be trying to keep those for my next one! Love being a "Sidepipe Brother"!

In regards to Branson, I hope I have a different "R" by then but if not, maybe I'll win that Silver 05'! I love the Pac Blue over Silver! Who knows mircles happen! I just proved that! 馃槺

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Once again, Larry . . . Good Luck with the Insurance Goons.

Great to read you are already considering another SSR . . . Perfect time to UPGRADE to Slingshot Yellow, the Fastest and Sexiest Color but we all know that.

! :ROFLMAO: ! (y) ! :ROFLMAO: ! (y) ! :ROFLMAO: !

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@DOOPHUS , you yellow guys crack me up! You know that the "Blues Brothers and Sisters" are the Coolest! 馃槑
I hated being SSR-Less when I had to sell my first truck. Went 4 years before I could afford another one... Need some LOVE from my appraiser! 馃
Being SSR-Less Sucks! 馃槶

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Damn Larry!!馃槼 Those pictures are hard to look at!! Glad you are OK!!
The insurance people here are telling people to hit the smaller animals as the damage will be less than if you try to avoid them .... multi car pileups, rollovers and so on! I can鈥檛 believe they tell people that!!! I for one can鈥檛 do that, I avoid gophers!! I hate cleaning up After!!!馃あ
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